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Awards and Honars

Professional Course Certifications. (Can be from outside PMU)
 Basic thermodynamics for conventional power plant design and calculation
Introduction: Thermoelectric power stations are used to generate electricity. Thermal power plants are developed to meet certain requirements. Thermal energy is the most common way to generate electricity. The Reheat Rankine Cycle is used in the design of this thermal power plant. It’s a coal-fired power station. Three phases are involved in the coal-to-electricity conversion. It is quite beneficial, and it makes you feel as if you require this information.

Refection: The information I gained from this training was really beneficial to me. I’ll never forget this class because I gained a lot of useful information on things I didn’t even know existed. I learned a lot from this course and have recommended it to my friends because I believe it is essential for everyone. It was also free for everyone, so it was a fantastic opportunity for me to participate and learn.