The act of communicating or transferring knowledge by speech, writing, or some other media There are three modes of communication: verbal, nonverbal, and nonverbal. (1) verbal communication, in which you listen to someone to comprehend what they’re saying; (2) written communication, in which you read what they’re saying; and (3) nonverbal communication, in which you watch someone and infer what they’re saying.

Title of assignment #1:  How to Fail a Writing Course?


There are a number of reasons why children despise writing. They have trouble with organization and mechanics in writing. They are slow and inefficient when it comes to finding the right word(s) to convey a notion. They find it difficult to explain themselves effectively (poor ideation). The major three causes are absenteeism, carelessness, and unpleasantness, which are listed after these three phases and their lists.

If you’re strong at communicating, you’ll be able to grab your reader’s attention and make your message obvious. Finally, when you communicate in writing, you are assisting the reader in comprehending your point of view on a subject. A good writer should always be a good communicator; if you can’t communicate well, you’ll struggle to write well.

I have learned to be good at writing you should be good at communicating first.


While writing this assignment I came to know how communication is important if you want to be a good writer how it effects your writing skills.

I got to know that when you communicate successfully, it implies that your thoughts and concepts are heard and acted upon. It also implies that you can listen to, comprehend, and act on what others say. And that all the the qualities of a good writer.

I want my juniors to communicate as much as the can on the particular topic they want to make their assignment of. If they do so they would definitely would take good choice of words and concept would more be cleared.

If this happens with me that I have to rewrite this assignment again I would definitely will do the same which I have advised.

Title of assignment #2:  BLACK LIVES MATTER


“Hatred, prejudice, or prejudice directed towards someone of a different race because one feels one’s own race is superior.” It is essentially an African-American-founded political and social movement that advocates basic human rights and racial equality for Black people while also combating racism in many forms. BLM, B.L.M.

Communicating Racism gives us a new perspective on numerous deeply established and little understood bias patterns. The author offers us far-reaching insights about the cognitive, social, and communicative elements of racism in a simply written and methodologically excellent investigation of speech as an essential and illuminating mirror of human conduct.

I think that Experts in the fields of discourse, cognition, persuasion, and communication will find Communicating Racism to be important reading for a wide range of social science and humanities professionals and their students.


While writing this assignment I got to know how communication is important to address the reality of racism. I got t know The Effects has discovered that racism has a detrimental influence on health, mental health, and society through physical violence.

I want my juniors to share as much information as they can on the racism epidemic. If I have to rewrite this work, I will undoubtedly follow my advice other than that it’s our responsibility to talk about these topics and to make people aware of them to improve our society health.

Title of assignment

#3 (Water Treatment)


Water treatment is defined as any technique that enhances the quality of water to make it suitable for a specified end use in a chemistry project. Water treatment removes or decreases pollutants and undesired components in order to make the water appropriate for the intended purpose. Instead of writing about something hypothetical, the majority of the offer was to discuss one of our company’s initiatives from beginning.


I use the Communication Indicator of Success to evaluate my work and skills for this project. It was my first essay in freshman year, and I struggled with finding the right topic. I chose our organization as my topic since it is simple to discuss, I can provide numerous instances, and I can write about my personal experience. It was a simple and enjoyable assignment. The assignment focused on the company’s most important clients who had signed contracts with it. It covers the most significant information, such as the Briefing of Situation and Demand for WWT Facility and Smart Design, as well as the project’s problems and the most critical dates and timeline. This company is quite helpful to us, and we are the only group that has left a lasting impression, so I suppose my leadership abilities have always come in handy in situations like this.