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A technique that encourages groups of individuals to work together toward a single goal is known as leadership. This can mean guiding workers and colleagues with strategies that meet the needs of the business in the context of the business.

Title of assignment #1:  

COMM 1312 Writing and Research

Section 103 for Dr Dion C. Smythe


The author has researched the history of black life and movements aimed at eradicating racism based on race. He said Racism is detrimental to the country’s progress and prosperity.

Leadership development programme must assist leaders understand the complexity of the issue and consider racism in a number of different ways.

I learned how Racism, or discrimination based on race or ethnicity, is a major contributor to the beginning of disease and the widening of health inequalities among people of color.


I have learned how Racism, or racial or ethnic discrimination, is a major factor in widening disease incidence and colored health inequalities effects people. Basically, I got to know that Racism is a societal evil that degrades society’s ideals and peace by categorizing individuals into groups with severe conflicts based on irrational color differences and the harmful effects of it.

I want to advice my juniors to read the causes more in detail if they have no live example and a lot of articles have discussed this issue so make things clear and make a good assignment. I will do this with myself too if I had to write on this topic again. I will read more research articles related to that issue and will discus it again.

Title of assignment #2: GEEN 3314: Electric Circuits and Electronics Lab



Through direct measurements, we will put the theoretical understanding of series-parallel networks to the test. We’ll look at how to improve our abilities at detecting serial and parallel circuits, as well as how to measure the voltages and currents of laws, the current divider rule, and the voltage divider correctly.

Leadership development programme must assist leaders understand the complexity of the issue and consider how to assist experiment in the lab.

I realized that if we have a good leader, we can build, design, and simulate the linear resistor DC circuit effectively. We will require suitable advice if we do not have strong leadership.


My experience was very educational. I have learned the importance of good leadership in all my work, especially in laboratory activities.

I discovered this after conducting a careful analysis, that how can a built, designed, and simulated a linear resistor DC circuit. Simple series parallel resistor principles were utilised to calculate for circuit total resistance. Circuits with higher resistances can only pass a little quantity of current compared to circuits with low resistances.

Title of assignment#3: Determination of Flow in Pipes


Leadership is a social influence approach for achieving a goal by leveraging the efforts of others. The project’s purpose is to determine flow using flow meters such as venturi and aperture meters. It was a collective term, implying that successful engineering leadership entails assisting individuals in collaborating to achieve team and company objectives. Great leaders give communication, motivation, leadership, and more to help the team succeed.


It was a terrific experience learning how to use the leadership Indicator of Success to evaluate my work and talents for this project. To begin, we’ll look at how choosing the right pipe size can reduce turbulence (vortex development) in the flow, lowering system pressure drop and improving overall system efficiency while lowering pump operating costs. We’ll try to figure out which device is best for which condition in this project by comparing the coefficients of discharge of the two devices. It was entertaining to do and not particularly difficult; also, my group mates were extremely helpful at work and all possessed good time management abilities. We began by thinking ideas for that topic and then collecting the best ones to include. Finally, we composed a final conclusion that summarized all of the points.