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Professionalism is a personality attribute in which people conduct themselves in a certain way. It is the capacity to conduct oneself in a socially acceptable and, in fact, encouraged manner in order to make productive decisions in our daily lives or in the business.

Title of assignment #1:  Assignment 2


In its most basic form, equilibrium real interest may be defined as the rate of interest quantity of the loanable funds demand. In view of the circumstances, the optimal investment amount would be $3500. Lenders will not be able to lend all of the cash they have available at the same time, according to the discussion.

This assignment is related to professionalism as a good care should be taken while real estate business and a good knowledge should be there while dealing with clients.

A got to know that a code of conduct guarantees that clients have confidence in you. For example, you should never allow unsupervised access to your property. You should also treat all pets in your home with respect and never let them out.


While working on this assignment I experience some concept that I was unaware of them before. I got to know that Professionalism is defined as someone’s conduct, demeanor, and attitude in a job or business setting. Workplace success, a solid professional reputation, and a high degree of work ethic and competence are all results of professionalism.

I would suggest my students to be professional in thinking of the whole scenario I will advise my juniors to critically study the experiment before executing it and to take great care at each stage; if I had to complete this assignment again, I would think more critically and will be making myself professional before performing it.

Title of assignment #2:   PMU Students who are caught Cheating on Final Exams should be expelled


Cheating in examinations at PMU should not be condoned under any circumstances, and all individuals engaged should be dismissed from the university without delay. Academic honesty is regarded as one of the most fundamental educational characteristics (Batool, Abbas, & Naeemi, 2011). Integrity must be preserved at all costs in order for PMU and other institutions to provide high-quality education. There must be academic standards and procedures in place to ensure exam integrity. Institutions should devise strategies to address characteristics that drive cheating, such as a lack of personal integrity, a negative self-image, a lack of character, a lack of responsibility, laziness, a burning desire to succeed, and parental pressures, to name a few.

According to study, a spouse who cheats on their spouse is more likely to engage in professional misconduct at work.

I learned cheaters never wins. We should be professional in our deeds.


I learned a lesson from this assignment that its far better to fail then to cheat it’s against professional ethics.

I think it’s against Academic dishonesty among college students is common, but its consequences should not be underestimated because students’ decisions to cheat were linked to their decisions to participate in unethical behavior in the workplace. A professionalism must be considered in every field.

My recommendation to juniors is to complete your homework professionally and to learn as much as possible initially. In your senior year, it’s quite easy to fall behind. Your senior year should be just as challenging, if not tougher, than your junior year, and you should end strong.

For me I will see where I am lagging behind so I was told to this assignment again. After figuring it out I will try to fix my flaws and to it again.

Title of assignment #3(Customer Relations and Letter of Complaint)


You can change negative feedback into positive feedback if you tackle complaints and the issues that led to them. Determine what needs to be improved. Listening to customer complaints can help you identify issue areas and address them in the future to create a positive customer experience. Customer relations strives to establish a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with customers that goes beyond the original purchase. Customer relations can be found in every department of a company, but it’s most noticeable in the customer service department.


first concentrated my efforts on gathering all relevant information and expressing my understanding of this course clearly. This assignment, on the other hand, demonstrates my professionalism by delivering the assignment on time, and communicating with my instructor to ensure that I understood everything before beginning work, and she enjoyed it as well. I learned a lot from them in this endeavor, including spoken communication skills.